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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tricentennial: New Bern!

On my maiden voyage in "Carolina Rambling", I must get things off to a good start. I can think of nothing these days that can possibly be better than the Tricentennial of New Bern. 
New Bern was founded in 1710, and named for Bern Switzerland, by the swiss colonists that settled here. New Bern was the colonial capital for North Carolina, and perhaps the governors mansion  known as Tryon Palace is what the little intra-coastal town is best known for.

The beautiful home and mansion of Governor Tryon was built on the backs of the farmers, and settlers of North Carolina. That fact did not set well with those affected by the steep Stamp Act Taxes that were being collected to build it. The settlers referred to Tryon's mansion as a "Palace ", and being relieved of crops, and what little money the poor settlers had sparked what I consider to be the beginnings of the war for independence that would happen a decade later.

Gov Tryon sent his Militia inland to a place called Alamance to put down a rebellion by a group of farmers who called themselves "Regulators". The rebellion was quickly put down, and the leaders were rounded up, and taken to Hillsboro, and hanged. The Battle of Alamance was the first salvo for what one day would be the Revolutionary War, and it happened here in North Carolina.


  1. How nice that you've started a blog, Gary! Thank you for sharing this interesting bit of North Carolina history and your beautiful photos.

  2. Hi Gary. I voted for the photo "Around the Horn". I thought it was New Bern. Thanks.