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Monday, December 7, 2009

New Bern, 300 Years and Counting

New Bern is celebrating 300 years as a town in 2010. As I stated in the first post, it helped to shape colonial life, and figured in the war for independence. There was also a navel battle there during the early days of the Civil War, and the town was captured by the Union, and remained under Union control for the balance of the war.

New Bern is also known as the birthplace of Pepsi Cola, and it was brewed rigth here in town in a small drug store that you see pictured here:

The store today sells Pepsi Items, like cups, tumblers, even lamps.

New Bern Town is a quaint little town, and it is a place where everyone knows your name, or so you would think. In my most recent visit, I fell in love with it, both for the history, and the old homes, of the historic old town, but also for its towns folk. They made me feel most welcome and at home. They were truly glad that I came, and I will always remember that.

The one weakness that I found with the town, (as a tourist), might be the night life. I must say however, that I did not go out looking for any nightlife, electing instead for quiet walks by the riverfront, followed by a good night's sleep.

After a day of walking around, carrying a camera, and shooting,I was not up for anything more than a nice quiet dinner, and some sleep.

There is however a tour of haunted houses, and buildings that make up New Bern, and with a town 300 years old, there are bound to be several haunted houses to visit.
There was at least one Inn here that was reported to be haunted, that was a tavern in the early days, and was reported that George Washington had stayed there. As you can see from my night shot that the place indeed looks rather spooky.


Captain Ratty's features rooftop dining, and had the walls covered in ships rosters, with crew members names, that I found quite interesting. there are a number of places for small sailing craft to tie up on the riverfront, and it is a short walk to town. So you might want to come and visit here sometime if you have a sea worthy boat.

What better time to come than during the Tricentennial. 

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