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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Morning Shoot

I awoke the next morning, and grabbed a cup of coffee, and my Nikon, and made for the Marina. It was almost time for sunrise, however there were a good amount of clouds about, so I assumed my photo ops for a sunrise was limited at best.
     It is early September in North Carolina, and it can still be quite warm here in September. Also in New Bern, it can be stiffing hot  in the summertime but this day has started off very pleasant, and cool. I am sure that the overcast might last, but was hopeful that it would break.
    I was determined to retrace my steps from the night before, and make my way down the Trent, to where it runs into the Neuse River about a quarter mile away to the east, and shoot as I walked along the river.
As the sun made its way upward into the sky I could see workman making there way to work on the bridge that was closest to the hotel.  Everywhere in New Bern there was road repaving, and construction, making everything ready for the Tricentennial Celebration for 2010.

The overcast had rolled in from the Atlantic last night, and though it persisted this morning, there were enough breaks in the cloud cover to add some definition to the morning sky. I am hopeful, but guarded  on what the day might bring.

Yes it was overcast, but even an overcast sky can add definition to photos. 
When I arrived at Centennial Park, I was also at the mouth of the Trent, where it empties into the Neuse River. This shot was overlooking the mouth of the Trent, as it enters the much larger, and longer Neuse river. It is also one of my favorite shots. My wide angle lens captured the walkway and gave me a dramatic view of the river mouth.

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