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Monday, May 31, 2010

I am Published

I am pleased to announce that I am being published. I was selected by poet Connie Arnold to illustrate her newest collection of inspirational poems.

Her new book is currently being published, and is at the printer.  The book is titled "Abundant Comfort and Grace". Here is a link to the publisher's web page. Abundant Comfort and Grace 

The book is being published by RPJ and Company, Inc. and will be out in June.

I encourage all my friends, and followers to pick up this book.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pineview Medical Center

I have long noticed when one is in the Doctor's office there is nothing to do but wait. That is especially bad if you are not feeling well.. Worse yet, You are sitting in the doctor's exam room, and hurting, and anxious.

I was just moved to let my photo art translate God's Love, and Healing power to the sick. I know through personal experience that the healing powers of God's Love can do wonders, and something as simple as a photo of a peaceful scene, can work wonders.

This series that I did for Pineview Medical Center was designed for just that, to get the patient's focus off what hurts, and instead to focus on the wonders of God's Creation.

Each work has deep meaning for me personally, and came about in a very special way, that came through deep prayer, and meditation on the personal issues that I had brought to God's table for Him to deal with me about.

God's Love is so wonderful, so special it is to have a relationship with Him. For the Creator of all things that is, and are, and was, and those that will be, He is the Master of. For Him to take time to spend with me, I cherish most of all. For Him to take me in His Wings, and embrace me His Creation, I am most blessed, by His healing touch.

That is the best that I can explain what it is to me these works, so I know that they hold special healing properties, and in that I share them.

This is the direction that I hope for with my works, that they might specially touch them that view them, and that they be blessed, even as I were blessed when I captured the images when they happened.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beauty In The Little Things

Tonight I hear from an old friend that someone close to them is about to depart this world. Their time for life is nearing the end.

That about sums it up, does it not? The end of a life, for ourselves, or for someone we hold dear is what most people dread. For many of us however, we know that life will go on. We know there is eternal life awaiting us.

I have renewed my interest in photography in recent years, because I want to capture as best I can the wonderful beauty in life for us all. "For God so loved the world..." The scriptures read of God's love for us. Few realize that love, or can even comprehend the vastness of that love.

Perhaps, death, and the vastness of God are two heavy subjects to be discussing, for sure most of us find ourselves inadequate to talk about. Perhaps we can open our eyes to the little things, the little blessings that God gives us each and every day.

God indeed does give us many blessings, and most of them go by unnoticed, until  one day we awaken to it, or it hits us over the head.

So I try my best to bring to you, through my photography a moment of my life in which I was able to capture those little things that display the vastness of God grace, and love for us , in the beauty that surrounds us in nature, and in everyday life.

Sure, it is easy to get such inspiration on a tropical Island, or a scenic view from a mountain overlook. How about in everyday life?

I give you such clues here in these photos, for they were taken in a parking lot, in a busy business district in town.

So the next time you go out, take a deep breath, and pause, look around you. We are not promised our next breath, it could well be our last, before we are called home. Till that time comes, be awake, and always look for the beautiful blessings that God has left for us to partake.

It can be found in a glorious evening sunset, or in the song of a Bluebird in the tree. Perhaps in a gentle breeze of a summer evening, or perhaps in the reflections in a building in the middle of town. Where ever you look, His love is found, you have but to look to see it.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I Came For: The New Bern Photo Shoot

It was getting late into the day, and I had returned to the Hotel. I took a short rest after spending the day at Tryon Palace. Then I peered out my Hotel Room, and noticed that the time had come to capture those photos that I had come here for.

This was that moment! This is the reason I had came to New Bern.
It is truly special, when those rare times happen...when you get into your zone...when magic happens in your viewfinder. This was one of those times, and as a seasoned photographer I had sensed it.

This was that moment I could feel it, sense it...taste it. I grabbed my camera, loaded a new card into the Nikon, and headed for the door, and down the hall, making for the steps to the Lobby, stopping to peek out the hall window, and snapping this shot for the front of the Hotel parking lot.

Around the corner, and out the pool entrance to the marina I went, and I was taking light readings and setting up my camera as I went. Here are the photos that I took, and I am sure that you will agree, this was reason enough to come to New Bern.