Gary Strader/gStrader Photography

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I Came For: The New Bern Photo Shoot

It was getting late into the day, and I had returned to the Hotel. I took a short rest after spending the day at Tryon Palace. Then I peered out my Hotel Room, and noticed that the time had come to capture those photos that I had come here for.

This was that moment! This is the reason I had came to New Bern.
It is truly special, when those rare times happen...when you get into your zone...when magic happens in your viewfinder. This was one of those times, and as a seasoned photographer I had sensed it.

This was that moment I could feel it, sense it...taste it. I grabbed my camera, loaded a new card into the Nikon, and headed for the door, and down the hall, making for the steps to the Lobby, stopping to peek out the hall window, and snapping this shot for the front of the Hotel parking lot.

Around the corner, and out the pool entrance to the marina I went, and I was taking light readings and setting up my camera as I went. Here are the photos that I took, and I am sure that you will agree, this was reason enough to come to New Bern.