Gary Strader/gStrader Photography

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pineview Medical Center

I have long noticed when one is in the Doctor's office there is nothing to do but wait. That is especially bad if you are not feeling well.. Worse yet, You are sitting in the doctor's exam room, and hurting, and anxious.

I was just moved to let my photo art translate God's Love, and Healing power to the sick. I know through personal experience that the healing powers of God's Love can do wonders, and something as simple as a photo of a peaceful scene, can work wonders.

This series that I did for Pineview Medical Center was designed for just that, to get the patient's focus off what hurts, and instead to focus on the wonders of God's Creation.

Each work has deep meaning for me personally, and came about in a very special way, that came through deep prayer, and meditation on the personal issues that I had brought to God's table for Him to deal with me about.

God's Love is so wonderful, so special it is to have a relationship with Him. For the Creator of all things that is, and are, and was, and those that will be, He is the Master of. For Him to take time to spend with me, I cherish most of all. For Him to take me in His Wings, and embrace me His Creation, I am most blessed, by His healing touch.

That is the best that I can explain what it is to me these works, so I know that they hold special healing properties, and in that I share them.

This is the direction that I hope for with my works, that they might specially touch them that view them, and that they be blessed, even as I were blessed when I captured the images when they happened.