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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Bern 300 years and Counting

The Photos that you see here were taken by me September 8th-10th.  This was the main reason for me to go to New Bern in the first place.

I went to New Bern as a (mini)vacation to take pictures. I was not disappointed, finding lots of subjects in which to photograph.  I was looking for mainly three different kinds of photos:(1.) Night Scenes,
(2) sunrise over the water, and (3) sunset shots over the water.

In addition, I wanted to capture some of the flavor of the old homes here, with the "widows porch" on the roof, and of course some of Tryon Palace. So indeed, I had a shooting plan in place.

I arrived in the late evening around 10 PM, and as soon as I got unpacked and settled into the room, I went out for a night stroll to check out the marina that was right behind the hotel. I had packed my tripod for just this occasion, but as usual, I just could not bring myself to lug around a tripod on this late night stroll into the darkness, so the shots I got were all hand held at high ISOs.
The marina was deserted, and it was rather spooky to have the place all to myself. Soon, I spotted a woman out walking her dog, just up the path from where I took this photo, and then a man, walking two rather large Golden Retrievers.

So, I was not completely alone. I walked up this walkway into the night, making my way beside the Trent River making my way toward the Neuse River, which was only about a quarter mile away.

Here are some shots that I took looking back toward the Hotel, and the marina.
The overcast skies made for a weird glow over the complex, but no doubt that it added a hint of mystery to my photos...
When I had made my way to the Neuse river, and the Park, I saw a small skiff powering down, and making for the lights of yet another hotel that was on the Banks of the Neuse River, whose bright lights shown like a beacon into the night, and shimmering in the water. I knew this was probably the best shot of the night, so I took my time to focus, and steady my camera on a rail at the waters edge.

When I had taken this shot, I decided to return to the hotel this time by the well lit street, and shoot a few shots of some of the old house and buildings nearby.

Here is one of those building that I took:

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