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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Block Buster Movie Is Made Here in North Carolina

This post is a reprint from my column in the Randleman Free Bee

This week the talk everywhere has been about the movie,"The Hunger Games", a film from Lions Gate, and filmed right here in North Carolina.
With all the talk, and excitement about; I decided to take a little trip to one of the many locations from the movie. Right outside the tiny town of Hildebran, is the deserted community called "Henry River Mill Village". This was one major location that served as "District 12", the home of the heroine "Katness Everdean".

The movie employed a lot of local folks to be in and work in the movie. Jennifer McCollom, is a local, and  make up artist, and she was on of the many special effects/ make up artists that worked on the project.

 I have been aware that North Carolina has given major tax incentives for movie studios to come to North Carolina to do films. So why not Randleman, or New Market, or how about Sophia, or Asheboro? We have some great locations that would be a great venue to use for a movie. 

How do we get the attention of movie producers? Perhaps Randleman should start our own film commission. 

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  1. Maybe so. There are sure plenty of great places in North Carolina to film a movie. These are some wonderful photos, Gary!