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Thursday, February 16, 2012

            Frank and Larry's Breakfast and Lunch

 Frank&Larry's Breakfast and Lunch is legendary for having the best food of it's kind anywhere around.
I will say in fact that no one anywhere makes better hot dogs, and burgers than they do. I have been known to drive from the other side of Greensboro, all the way to the county line just to have lunch at Frank & Larry's. If I am not having a big cheese burger all the way, or a couple of hot dogs ; I am having a hamburger steak, complete with grilled onions, and slaw. They make their own hush-puppies too, and they are good with anything. I could make a meal off nothing but their hush-puppies.

The decor some would say leaves a lot to be desired. If you are a race fan, or a fan of the past, then you will love the decor.  The walls are adorned with many photos from not only the King's, (Richard Petty) NASCAR career, but also other notable racing legends. There's some artist depictions too of the old Pavilion at Myrtle Beach, and the Castle Drive In from the 50s and early 60s. I enjoy always looking at these monuments from the past, and never tire from seeing them. After 36 years, I have yet to tire from having lunch at Frank & Larry's.

One little side note about Frank & Larry's that few know about. There was a movie filmed in the late 1960s, and released in 1972, called "43 The Richard Petty Story". That movie was mostly filmed in Level Cross, and around Randolph County. There was a fight scene in which Richard, and Maurice tangle with a fictitious driver and they teach the man a lesson in manners. That fight scene was filmed at Frank & Larry's back in the day when it was a bar. SO if you go eat at Frank^Larry's you will be having Breakfast, or Lunch in the same place where a movie was made. You owe it to yourself to eat at Frank & Larry's.

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  1. Some friends of mine and I ate at F&L's on Friday before Memorial Day. We were in Randleman / Level Cross visiting Petty's Garage and the Richard Petty Museum. The "Frank" of Frank & Larry's was the late Frank Millikan. Frank was the father of Joe Millikan. Joe once worked for Petty Enterprises, drove for them in the mid to late 70s, and while driving for owner L.G. DeWitt Joe finished 2nd to Dale Earnhardt for rookie of the year in Winston Cup in 1979.

    I'm about to post a blog entry over the next few days about our visit. I'll be sure to include a link to this entry of yours.